Kyocera Display Europe GmbH becomes Kyocera Automotive and Industrial Solutions GmbH

The Japanese technology group is expanding the Display Division and supplying its systems and innovative solutions under a new name from 1st April 2019.

24 April 2019

Kyoto/London – On April 1st, 2019, the Display Department of Kyocera, one of the leading manufacturers in the electronic components sector, was renamed Kyocera Automotive and Industrial Solutions GmbH. With this change, the company is also acknowledging its own development from a traditional display manufacturer into a system provider and specialist in the field of man-machine interfaces. Alongside the popular range of products such as touch sensors and haptivity, the new name will include innovations from the whole of the Kyocera Ceramic World as well, so that new solutions for further automotive applications and industrial use can be developed.

“Today, a display is more than just a monitor which shows data in a high-resolution format. In fact, it is an interactive interface which must fulfill the most varied of requirements,” explains former President of Kyocera Display, Manfred Sauer, who will also manage the new company. “With our products and innovations in this sector we have actively helped to shape the changes, and today we provide comprehensive solutions for applications in the automotive and the industrial sector. Now, our name also reflects this expanded field.”

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