Dental Implant Industry

Precision Cutting Tools For Dental Implant Manufacturers

Medical Tool Series

Kyocera is pleased to introduce a line of precision cutting tools optimized for dental implant manufacturers and producers of dental restorations. Our tools designed for Dental Products Manufacturers come from a 20 year heritage of grinding the world’s tightest tolerance sub-micron grade carbide cutting tools.

We invite you to experience superior part quality produced by cutting tools with mirror finish cutting edges, precision tolerances, and unsurpassed quality in the industry. Our ultimate goal is to enable you to excel at making products for your marketplace.

End Mills


Plastics, G.S. Ceramics, Stainless Steel,
Titanium, Zirconia, Inconel

  • Ø 0,1mm - 6mm
  • L.O.C. 3xD, 1.5D, custom
  • Flutes 1 - 5
  • clearance/reach
  • Ball/Square Ends
3 Flute Square End Mills Reinforced Shank
Diameter Tolerance (+0/-0,02mm)

We build end mills with 1 to 5 flutes from 0,13mm to 6,35mm Ø. Cutting lengths come in standard, stub, or custom depending on your application. Special clearances and reaches are also available. All nose and square styles are standard and coatings are available upon request.



Plastics, G.S. Ceramics, Stainless Steel,
Titanium, Aluminum, Brass

  • Ø 0,1mm - 3mm
  • L.O.C. 1mm - 20mm
  • Flutes 1 - 3
  • extended reach
  • 90, 118, 130 D.P.
3mm Shank Carbide Micro Drill
Diameter Tolerance (+0/-0,008mm)

When making drill bits as small as 38,1µm in diameter, process specialization is developed in order to hold tolerances as tight as +/- 0,635µm. Since not all drilling requirements push diameter limits, we also offer multiple flute lengths, extended reaches, multiple point angles, 1-3 flutes, and coating upon request

Threading Tools


Plastics, Brass, Stainless Steel,
Titanium, Aluminum

  • Ø 0,3mm - 5,95mm
  • M0,5 - M8 Threads
  • Flutes 2, 3, 4
  • 60° Thread
  • std & long reach
AlTiN Coated Solid Carbide Thread Mill
Diameter Tolerance (+0/-0,008mm)

Our single form threading tool is designed for your thread milling operations and has been performance tested in Titanium.
Coatings and custom reach lengths are available upon request.

Boring Tools


Plastics, Inconel, Stainless Steel,
Titanium, Aluminum, Brass

  • Ø 0,4mm - 6mm
  • Center of Offset PT
  • Radius for Grooving
  • 0,76mm - 6,35mm Neck
  • Shank: W/Flat or Round
Solid Carbide Extended Reach Micro Boring Bar
Minimum Bore Diameter (+0/-0,06mm)

Whether you need boring or grooving or even a custom form milled internally in your part, we have the tools to get the job done. With cutting tips as small as 0,38mm, we can help you create tight tolerance profiles or grooves in your smallest parts.



Plastics, Brass,
Titanium, Aluminum

  • Ø 0,2mm - 3,1mm
  • Shanks from 3+4mm
  • Custom Shapes
  • Shank: W/Flat or Round
Solid Carbide 6 Flute Micro Reamers
Diameter Tolerance (+0/0,003mm)

Our engineers will work closely with yours to create the design that your part requires. Multiple shank sizes and lengths available for your application.

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