Tools for Ceramics Machining

Precision Cutting Tools For Ceramics Machining

Ceramics Machining

Kyocera is pleased to introduce a line of precision cutting tools optimized for machining ceramics. With a 20 year heritage of grinding the world’s tightest tolerance sub-micron grade carbide cutting tools, our engineers met the challenge of producing cutting tools that improved part size control, improved surface quality, and reduced rejects of advanced ceramic components.

Whether you are struggling with burrs, parts falling out of tolerance, or inadequate cutting tool life, we have cutting tool designs that will meet your needs.



Macor, Alumina
Graphite, Zirconia

  • D: 0,1mm - 3mm
  • l: 1mm - 20mm
  • Flutes 2
  • coated/uncoated
  • 90, 118, 130 - Pt. & `W`Pt.
3mm Shank Carbide Micro Drills
Diameter Tolerance (+0/-0,008mm)

Kyocera offers many sizes and styles of drills made with premium sub-micron grade carbide. Sizes range from 0,04mm to 6,35mm Diameter. Extended reaches and overall lengths for your custom diameter can be created. Diameter tolerances as tight as +/- 0,002mm and Coatings are available upon request.

End Mills


Macor, Alumina,
Graphite, Zirconia

  • D: 0,10mm - 6mm
  • l: 3xD, 1.5xD, custom
  • Flutes 2
  • Clearance/Reach
  • Ball/Square Ends
Square End Mill (Extended Reach)
Diameter Tolerance (+0/-0,02mm)

Kyocera’s end mills for Ceramics machining are made of premium sub-micron grade carbide. Sizes range from 0,1mm to 6mm Diameter. Geometries and carbide grades have been optimized specifically for the various ceramic materials.

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